Acton Adult Softball League

AASL wraps up its 18th Season!

In 2017, the Acton Adult Softball League (AASL) played its 18th season with 16 teams competing in the 15-week regular season and post-season playoffs. Of the 120 scheduled regular-season games, we completed 115 with 2 rainouts and 3 forfeits. We had over 360 players registered including about a dozen "free agents" who were invited to games when teams needed subs and we had a small group of dedicated women who subbed into many games to fill rosters and get games played. The GLSUA provided umpires for all of our regular-season games and for playoffs - thanks for coordinator John L., umpire-in-chief (in our minds at least) Don B., and the whole crew of umpires who we've seen year-in and year-out as well as some new faces who hopefully saw what we're about and want to umpire our games again! Thanks also to all of the captains, some new this season, who stepped into leadership roles to communicate with us, communicate with your teams, bring the right attitude to the games, and make AASL a success.

Age Requirement

At the 2016 Captains meeting, the AASL Board and captains agreed to lower the minimum age requirement for women playing in AASL to "post high school" age. Are you out of high school? Home for the summer from college? Register for AASL and we'll try to place you on a team, or include you as a sub! Men still have to be 21 years old or older, and if you turn 21 during the season you can join at that time!


Registration is closed for 2017. If you have an interest in AASL for 2018, Click here to register and we'll make sure you're aware of registration formally starting in 2018. Returning teams, new teams, players returning to their team, or players in search of a new team can register. Preference is given to returning teams within a specified grace period, followed by new teams in the order they register, then individual players where teams need more participants.

Individuals who are not affiliated with a team can sign up as free agents to be put on a Wait List/Sub List and might be able to join a team roster at the beginning or during the season, or might get a one-game callup to fill a roster on a specific day. In 2017 we were unable to place all individuals who registered. Unfortunately, our limited field space limits the number of teams we can have in the league while maintaining a reasonable schedule.

Rink Rats Win Another Championship!

In 2017, The Rink Rats, in their 16th season in the league, won their 8th championship game! Past champions include Rink Rats (8 championships), Misfits (5), Hackers (1), Colonial Spirits (1), Rockets (1), Westies (1), and Media Bridge (1) as league champions.

Questions & Feedback

If you have questions or feedback, please e-mail us!

Rich Gottesman
AASL Commissioner

Matt Murphy
Assistant Commissioner/Webmaster