Acton Adult Softball League

League Bats

AASL provides a selection of bats for players on both teams to use during the season. These are marked with colored tape for easy identification as league bats, and have "AASL Approved Bat" stickers indicating they are allowed. A bat may not be used unless it has been reviewed and has an AASL sticker.

Bats Allowed in AASL

AASL regulates the bats used in AASL to minimize the potential for any serious injury to pitchers and infielders from a batted ball. AASL's intent is to maintain a high level of on-field safety in our game, making games more enjoyable for all. (If you want to use higher-tech bats than those allowed in AASL, other area leagues may be more appropriate for you.)

Each individual bat must have an AASL Approved Bat sticker - contact us to provide information about your bat and set up a time/place for us to put a sticker on it.

As well as having an AASL sticker, an allowed bat must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. The bat must carry the ASA 2004 or ASA 2000 certification mark, or be manufactured before 2000 and meet the other criteria on this list.
  2. The bat must be wood or metal, and if metal must be a single piece, other than the knob and end cap.
  3. Metal bats may be composed of aluminum alloys or steel but may not contain titanium, carbon, or composite materials.
  4. The bat must be single-wall, not double-wall, triple-wall, multi-wall, multi-shell, tri-shell, or other designation indicating a design more complex than what is reasonably considered single-wall. "Half&Half" is considered more complex than single-wall. A flexible connector between the handle and barrel is considered more complex than single-wall.


If a bat that is not on the Legal Bat List is found to be used in a game:

  • A player who has used the non-approved bat in that game will be EJECTED from the game. (Both captains WILL cooperate to make this happen).
  • The player's spot in the lineup is counted as OUT for the current at bat (i.e., when the violation was found) AND all subsequent at bats that game.
  • The player is SUSPENDED for the following game. Notification of this suspension happens when the game report indicates a bat violation. (We will pursue clarity on the issue before issuing the suspension.)
  • A second offense by that player results in ejection from the league for the remainder of that season (regular season + playoffs).

Allowed and Not Allowed Bats

Not Allowed
  • Xtension (all types) (Multi-wall composite)

  • Ignite
  • PyroTech
    Not Allowed
  • Matrix (Composite)
  • RocketTech (all types) (Multi-wall)
  • Techwrap (Multi-wall)
  • TechZilla (all types) (Multi-wall)
  • Wraptech (Multi-wall)
    Pending Review
  • Flextech

    Not Allowed
  • TD2 (Multi-wall)
    Pending Review
  • Black Widow
  • Johnny Ice/J14

    Pending Review
  • C405

    Not Allowed
  • All Models (Multi-wall)

  • Clincher Silver/New York
  • Icon
    Not Allowed
  • Clincher EST (Multi-wall)
  • Shockwave (Multi-wall)

  • Reactor
  • Ultimate Weapon
    Not Allowed
  • 375 (Multi-wall)
  • B-52 (Multi-wall)
  • Classic (Multi-wall)
  • Creature (Composite)
  • Dark (Multi-wall)
  • Demolition (Multi-wall)
  • Distance (all models) (Multi-wall)
  • Double Wall (as the name says…)
  • EVO (All models) (Composite)
  • F2 (Multi-wall)
  • F3 (Multi-wall)
  • F4 (Multi-wall)
  • FatBoy (Multi-wall)
  • Flame (Composite)
  • J2 (All models) (Composite)
  • Juggernaut (All models) (Composite)
  • Juice (All models) (Composite)
  • LC5 Legend (Composite)
  • Rayzr (Multi-wall)
  • RD28 (All models) (Composite)
  • The One (Composite)
  • Venum (Two-piece "Half & Half" design)
  • Vexxum (Two-piece "Half & Half" design)
  • White Steel (Two-piece "Half & Half" design)

  • ConeXion Gold
  • Cyclone (SK33, SK34, SK38)
  • Havoc
  • SK2 Hammer
  • SX60 Reflex
    Not Allowed
  • Any labeled "C-Core" (C-core is a carbon graphite lining bonded to an aluminum shell, making this multi-shell.)
  • Any labeled "Ti-Core" (Ti is Titanium, with a core making this multi-shell.)
  • Any labeled "Z-Core" (Z-core lining is bonded to an aluminum shell, making this multi-shell.)
  • Reveal (Composite multi-wall)
  • ST300 ConneXion (ConneXion multi-piece design)
  • Stealth, Stealth Comp CNT Plus, Stealth Comp CNT (all models) (Composite multi-wall, ConneXion multi-piece design)
  • Synergy, Synergy CNT Flex, Synergy Extended (all models) (Composite multi-wall, ConneXion multi-piece design)
  • Synthesis (All models) (Composite multi-wall)
  • Tri-Shell (Multi-wall)

    Not Allowed
  • Platinum (Dual-shell)

  • Louisville Slugger/TPS
  • Dynasty, Dynasty PowerDome
  • Samurai
  • SB23 TPS Gold
  • Slash
  • Warrior
    Not Allowed
  • AI (Multi-wall)
  • Air Attack (all models) (Multi-wall)
  • Air Inertia (all models) (Multi-wall)
  • Catalyst (Composite multi-wall)
  • Double Action (Multi-wall)
  • Double Threat (Multi-wall)
  • Dynasty XXL (Double-wall)
  • Gen1X (Multi-wall)
  • Genesis (Composite multi-wall)
  • Inertia (Multi-wall)
  • Maverick (Composite multi-wall)
  • Nexus (all models) (Composite multi-wall)
  • Response DL (Composite multi-wall)
  • Response XXL (Multi-wall)
  • SpringSteel (Multi-wall)
  • Voltage (Composite multi-wall)
  • Warrior XXL (all models) (Multi-wall)
  • XXL (Multi-wall)

    Mattingly Baseball
  • V-Grip Slowpitch Aluminum MVP Bat

    Not Allowed
  • All Models (Composite)

    Not Allowed
  • All Models (Composite)

  • Aero Launch
  • Aero Storm
  • Battaboom
  • Black Powder
  • Bomber Show
  • Hawk
  • Ignitor
  • Kaos
  • Keystone
  • Storm
  • Venom
    Not Allowed
  • Air Max Thrust (Multi-wall)
  • Air Storm (Multi-wall)
  • Air Storm GPT (Multi-wall)
  • Surge (Multi- wall)

    Not Allowed
  • All Models (Composite)

  • Ambush
  • Fuel
  • Paramount
    Not Allowed
  • Fusion (all models) (Composite)
  • Plasma (all models) (Composite)
  • Silverback (all models) (Composite)

    Not Allowed
  • Dictator (All models) (Composite multi-wall)

    Not Allowed
  • All Models (Composite Double-wall)

  • Buzzsaw
  • Inferno - BL
  • Inferno - EL
  • Nitroglycerin
    Not Allowed
  • Katana (all models) (Composite multi-wall)

  • AMP ($30 model)
  • Insanity ($30 model)
  • PowerCell (most models)
  • SBE Xcalibur Euro 600
  • Supercell
  • Whiplash W3SB ($30 version)
    Not Allowed
  • 3DX (Composite multi-wall)
  • EST (any bat with "EST") (Multi-wall)
  • GX4 Dimension (Composite multi-wall)
  • Hybrid (Composite multi-shell)
  • Insanity Gold ASA (Multi-wall)
  • Launch 510 Senior (Composite multi-wall)
  • Lithium (SBTST) (Multi-wall)
  • MAX 120 (all models) (Multi-wall)
  • Mayhem (all models) (Composite)
  • Prodigy (Multi-wall)
  • Revolver TST (Multi-wall)
  • Titan (all models) (Composite multi-wall)
  • Wicked (all models) (Multi-wall)
  • WS23 (all models) (Multi-wall)
    Pending Review
  • PST (all models)