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Field Use Policy

AASL obtains field permits from the Acton Recreation Department. We must abide by the Acton Recreation Field Use Permit and Weather Policy. Inclement Weather policies include:

Field closings are the responsibility of the Acton Recreation Department during weekdays, and group users on weekends. Regardless of whether the field is officially closed or not, a practice or a game should not commence or continue on a field if:
  • The field has standing water on it (i.e. puddles). Softball and baseball fields are often playable even with standing water on the infield (base paths should have no water).
  • By playing on the field, the players are or would be damaging the field beyond normal wear and tear (i.e. tearing up the turf, creating muddy areas, etc.).
  • Lightning is present. There is no exception to this rule.
  • The field is saturated with water. Saturation is when you step on the field and water seeps up to footprint, like a sponge.