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If you are interested in joining AASL - either as a returning team member or as a player wanting to be placed on a team, register here. If you are picked up, you will join a team. If you are not, you will be added to the "Substitute List/Wait List." Before or during the season, AASL administrators may have the opportunity to place a player on a team for a one-game call-up or potentially place the player on a team for all/most of the season. As such, we ask that you complete the registration process so we can contact you when we know of an opportunity and that you've completed appropriate waivers prior to playing.

There is no charge to register, however if you are placed you will owe a share of the team fee.

Players who registered in 2016 must re-register for 2017.

To learn more about the registration process, click here.

Join a Team from an Invitation

If you received an email invitation containing a personal invitation code from your captain, complete this form:
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Register a New Team

In 2017, AASL remains a 16-team league. In the event space opens up for new team(s), precedence is first given to waitlisted individual players if enough exist to form a new team. If you are interested in bringing an entire team to AASL, please email us and we will discuss with you the possibility of your request.

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Even if you registered in 2016, you need to re-register for 2017.