Acton Adult Softball League


AASL 2004 Playoffs

At the end of the regular season, AASL has single-elimination playoffs to determine a league champion. In 2000, Media Bridge beat Last Chance (now known as Sit ‘n Bull) in a disputed championship game. In 2001, Sit 'n Bull beat O'Brien's Pub in the final game. In 2002, Sit 'n Bull beat Raging Inferno (the 7th seed entering the playoffs) in a high-scoring, dusty affair. In 2003, Rockets defeated Sit 'n Bull under the lights at Elm and made the front page of the Acton Beacon! In 2004, Sit 'n Bull made it to the Championship game and defeated the Rink Rats for their third AASL Championship!



In the playoffs, AASL uses impartial ASA certified, paid umpires at home plate for each game. They use ASA rules, modified with AASL rules. Specifically, with ASA certified umpires, the infield fly rule is in effect. See AASL rules for reasoning and clarification. The umpires make all the calls behind the plate as well as in the field. Your base coaches need not act as umpires in the playoff games, though you still need coaches to help your runners.


Rain? Never...If a game is rained out, we will try to post information online and alert captains as we have done during the regular season. Games will be made up in the first available slot - commissioners will schedule these as necessary. In most cases, we hope this is in a slot that doesn't yet have teams scheduled, however, to ease congestion later in the schedule, we may need to bump a second-round game to accommodate a rained out first-round game. If anything happens, we will alert captains, post on the site, etc.

Rules/Fine Print

  • On August 1, Westies announced they forfeited their playoff spot.
  • All remaining 13 teams have at least one playoff game. Due to our 14-team league, and this forfeit, the top 3 teams after the regular season have first-round byes in the playoffs.
  • Playoff seeds are determined by percentage of games won in the regular season, shown in the standings. In the event of a tie for a playoff seed, the tie will be broken as follows: head-to-head record; total run differential in head-to-head games; coin toss or other impartial method determined by the AASL commissioner. Note: We had 3 two-way ties in the final standings. Each pair played head-to-head during the season, and the winner of these pairs received the better playoff rank.
  • Games should start at the appointed time, with a 5 minute grace period only. Note at NARA, games start at 6 PM again (to avoid potential darkness - we had one long, dark game in 2003), however it is likely that Pop Warner football will need to adjust their practice area to yield to our field permit, so some time may be necessary to coordinate that.
  • There will be no time limit on the 7-inning game. Extra innings and long games will be played to completion. However, please do your best to speed up slow games (and skip warmups in later innings), especially at Elm if there is a second game scheduled.
  • See regular season rules for player eligibility requirements. Captains should consult the league commissioner or assistant commissioner to resolve disputes. It is possible that players were added to rosters early in the season and we’ve failed to administer rosters appropriately.
  • All league rules (except as noted above) apply during playoff games.
  • In each game, the better seed is the home team.