Acton Adult Softball League


2017 Playoffs!


The 2017 bracket is structured to have lower-ranked teams "play-in" to reach successive rounds, and gives byes to teams who finish in the top half of the bracket.

If you find errors in the bracket, contact Matt immediately.


At the end of the regular season, AASL has single-elimination playoffs to determine a league champion.

  • 2000: Media Bridge beat Last Chance (now known as Misfits) in a disputed championship game.
  • 2001: Sit 'n Bull (now known as Misfits) beat O'Brien's Pub in the final game.
  • 2002: Sit 'n Bull beat Raging Inferno (the 7th seed entering the playoffs, now known as Infernos) in a high-scoring, dusty affair.
  • 2003: Rockets defeated Sit 'n Bull under the lights at Elm and made the front page of the Acton Beacon!
  • 2004: Sit 'n Bull defeated the Rink Rats for their third AASL Championship!
  • 2005: Sit 'n Bull held off the Bombers for their fourth overall title and sixth-straight championship appearance.
  • 2006: Rink Rats bring home the trophy with a win over Rockets!
  • 2007: Rink Rats earn back-to-back championships with a win over Rockets!
  • 2008: Rink Rats three-peats with a 12-6 win over Colonial Spirits, a 9th seed who made it to the final game!
  • 2009: Rink Rats four-peats with a 15-6 win over Infernos!
  • 2010: Misfits run the table with an undefeated season and an undefeated playoffs, capping it off with an 11-4 win over The Red Cups.
  • 2011: Rink Rats ends up on top again with a win over Blazing Saddles who made their way through to the final as an 11th seed!
  • 2012: Colonial Spirits took home the trophy with a 14-7 win over Misfits!
  • 2013: Hackers claimed their first cup with a 12-6 win over Rink Rats!
  • 2014: Rink Rats claims their 6th title with a 14-3 win over Westies!
  • 2015: Westies earn their first title with an 8-3 win over Nightmare on Elm Street!
  • 2016: Rink Rats claim their 7th title with a 9-8 win over Blazing Saddles!


Playoff seeds are determined by League Points earned in the regular season.

On 8/5, the AASL Board assessed two forfeits for games not played where teams had a scheduled game, postponed, their opponent was prepared to play, and they did not make up the game (SMF vs ROC on 6/28, CS vs RNK on 8/6). These were updated in the standings on 8/5.

Here are notes on the seeds.

  • 1st: Westies have 35 LPs.
  • 2nd: Rink Rats have 31.5 LPs.
  • 3rd: The Red Cups have 31 LPs.
  • 4th: O'Brien's Pub has 29 LPs.
  • 5th: Wheels have 27 LPs, tied with Hackers. Wheels beat Hackers in the regular season, so the head-to-head win puts Wheels in the higher seed.
  • 6th: Hackers have 27 LPs, tied with Wheels. Wheels beat Hackers in the regular season, so the head-to-head loss puts Hackers in the lower seed.
  • 7th: Acton Wine & Spirits has 26.5 LPs.
  • 8th: Blazing Saddles has 25.5 LPs.
  • 9th: Swarm has 24.5 LPs.
  • 10th: Rockets has 22.5 LPs.
  • 11th: Crow's Nest has 19.5 LPs.
  • 12th: Cavaliers have 27 LPs, tied with Nightmare on Elm Street. Cavaliers beat Nightmare in the regular season, so the head-to-head win puts Cavaliers in the higher seed.
  • 13th: Nightmare on Elm Street have 27 LPs, tied with Cavaliers. Cavaliers beat Nightmare in the regular season, so the head-to-head loss puts Nightmare in the lower seed.
  • 14th: Misfits has 16 LPs.
  • 15th: Stoneymeade Farm Stallions has 15 LPs Stallions had 12 LPs (after the forfeit assessed above) before playing on the final Sunday, where they earned 3 LPs.
  • other: Colonial Spirits is not participating in the playoffs.


In the playoffs, AASL uses two ASA certified, paid umpires for each game. Umpires are provided by the Greater Lowell Softball Umpires Association (GLSUA) who have done a fabulous job for us since our 2001 playoffs!


If a game is rained out, we will try to post information online and alert captains as we have done during the regular season. Games will be made up in the first available slot. Commissioners will schedule these as necessary with regard to progressing the playoff bracket and completing three rounds in the first week. In most cases, we hope this is in a slot that doesn't yet have teams scheduled, however, we may need to bump a future game to accommodate a rained out early-round game. If anything happens, we will alert captains, post on the site, etc. Games are expected to be scheduled from Mondays through Thursdays, however if extreme weather conditions prevent play, we may need to schedule games on Fridays and Sundays.


Matt (AASL Assistant Commissioner) will be available in town for the playoffs. Matt can be reached by cell phone: 617-877-3961. Rich (AASL Commissioner) will be available in town for the playoffs. Rich can be reached by cell phone: 978-808-0766.

Rules/Fine Print

  • Games must start at the appointed time, with a 5 minute grace period only. Note at NARA, games are scheduled to start at 6:00 PM (to avoid potential darkness - we had one long, dark game in 2003), however it is likely that Pop Warner football will need to adjust their practice area to yield to our field permit, so some time may be necessary to coordinate that.
  • There will be no time limit on the games, with some notable exceptions:
    • For 6:15 PM games at Elm, the game will be played to completion, even if this passes 7:45 PM. Keep it moving.
    • For 6:00 PM games at NARA, the game will be played to completion unless an ASA umpire calls the game early (e.g., because of darkness). If a game is called early, we must stop the game and continue it on the next available game slot from the point of stoppage. This is likely the same night as the winner's next-round playoff game. (Note: if there is an uneven score and the currently-behind team wishes to forego game completion and take the loss, we won't argue...)
    • For the 7:45 game at Elm, if we pass 9:30 PM then the inning in progress will be the last inning that night. Lights automatically turn off at 9:30 PM (call ahead to extend to 9:45). If a game is called because of this curfew, the game will continue in the next logical game slot from the point of stoppage.
  • See AASL rules for player eligibility requirements. In a nutshell, a player is eligible if (a) he/she has registered online, (b) is not currently suspended, AND (c) that player has participated in 5 regular-season games. All proof of eligibility is listed on the Rosters online. Opposing captains or league management may review eligibility. Ineligible players will be removed before the game. If a team plays with an ineligible player, AASL Management will determine the penalty which could include a retroactive forfeit.
  • All league rules (except as noted above) apply during playoff games.
  • In each single-elimination game, the better seed is the home team.