Acton Adult Softball League


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

4:00: NARA: Field Closed
5:10: NARA: Field Closed
6:20: NARA: Field Closed

6:00: Elm: Field Closed
7:10: Elm: Field Closed
8:20: Elm: Field Closed

6:00: Elm: Rink Rats
7:10: Elm: Misfits
8:20: Elm: Practice

7:30 Capts Meeting @Wheelhouse
6:00: Elm: Stallions - Cancelled

6:00: NARA: Nightmare
6:00: Elm: Wheels
7:10: Elm: Acton W&S - lights issue
8:20: Elm: Stallions

6:00: Elm: Practice
7:10: Elm: Practice
8:20: Elm: Practice

4:00: NARA: Practice
5:10: NARA: Practice
6:20: NARA: Practice

Patriots' Day
6:00: Elm: Saddles
7:10: Elm: Rockets
8:20: Elm: Practice

6:00: Elm: Hackers
7:10: Elm: Cavaliers
8:20: Elm: Westies

6:00: Elm: Crow's Nest
7:10: Elm: Swarm
8:20: Elm: Colonial Spirits

6:00: NARA: O'Brien's Pub
6:00: Elm: ABYSB
7:45: Elm: ABYSB


4:00: NARA: Misfits
5:10: NARA: Acton W&S
6:20: NARA: Red Cups

Practice or Scrimmage?

Some teams expressed an interest in a scrimmage. My recommendation is to contact another team to find a mutually convenient time. Then, the first team to choose a practice slot in the first pass through can reserve consecutive practice slots for that scrimmage and we'll skip their scrimmage opponent's first round turn.

Practice Etiquette

Sundays-Wednesdays: Teams have 1 hr 10 minutes of on-field time, and additional time in the right field foul area and soccer area if it's available. Early teams are responsible for setup and late teams are responsible for cleanup. If no team is scheduled after you or no team shows up when you plan to leave, you must put away the equipment.

Thursdays: Teams have from the start time until dusk. You are responsible for field and equipment setup and cleanup.

Here is how we imagine this works:

  • Early teams arrive before 6 to set up and use the field from 6:00 to 7:10, then adjourn to the right field foul area and soccer area to continue practicing off-field.
  • Middle teams arrive before 7:10 and start in the right field foul area and soccer area, then take the field at 7:10 until 8:20.
  • Late teams arrive before 8:20 and start in the right field foul area and soccer area, then take the field at 8:20 until 9:30. The lights go out at 9:30.

Choosing Times

Teams can sign up for two practice slots, but choose them one at a time. The order was based on date paid, and groups of 4 teams will go at once, then we'll move on to the next group. Once all groups have gone, we'll repeat to get a second practice assigned.