Acton Adult Softball League

Registration Process

The goals of the AASL registration process are:

  • Provide priority registration to the 16 team captains returning from the prior season.
  • Collect all team registration fees during the pre-season.
  • Collect ALL player liability waiver forms through online registration.
  • Collect information for any individuals not affiliated with a team who want to join if space is available.
  • Confirm all team rosters are complete and available to opposing captains.

See sections below:

Team Fees

AASL fees are assessed as a team fee that is $1,500 for the 2017 season. The fee is the same as in 2016. We try to reduce costs to keep team fees low while still providing a level of service you've come to expect.

Team captains determine their team's roster size and who registers, then divide the team fee accordingly. It is common (and encouraged) for team captains to exclude themselves from contributing towards the team fee, as their role as captain should have some tangible benefit considering the role they play and the responsibility they have throughout the season. But, this decision is made entirely on an intra-team basis.

Returning Teams

Returning teams have first priority during registration. To secure your space, you need to pay the team fee:

By March 31, 2017 5:00 PM $750.00 (or more)
Before or at Captains' Meeting Balance of $1,500.00 team fee

Checks can be mailed to Acton Adult Softball League, PO Box 2386, Acton, MA 01720, or hand-delivered to Rich, Matt, or Jennifer (contact us by email or phone). Without this first payment, the team's place in the league is not guaranteed. Returning teams registering after that date might find that a new team of Free Agents from the Wait List/Sub List individuals has been formed and taken its place in the league for the upcoming season. If a team does not get placed, any of its registered players will be moved to the Wait List/Sub List based on the date and time that they registered.

Each Player Must Register. Players register online. Players can register directly and captains will accept their registration, or players can be invited onto a team by the team captain, receiving an invitation code to join. Since all players must be waivered before participating in any AASL practice or game, submitting these early will reduce paperwork burden later on.

Captains must coordinate payment of the team fee. Yes, Captains, we know this is the most painful part of the job. But we have little alternative since teams get equal field time, have varying roster sizes, and some teams find sponsors who contribute to the team fee.

Captains may choose to exclude themselves from contributing to the team fees and to divide the team fee amongst the other players (captains contribute with significant time and responsibility and should be rewarded as such)! A few teams in past seasons have sought out sponsors to offset the team fee; feel free to do this.

If a captain determines that more players are needed to fill the desired team roster size, we encourage captains to access new players from the Wait List/Sub List. There are often several new players who wish to join the league each year or who have played before and want to play again, and a Wait List/Sub List is kept specifically for this purpose. Both men and women are expected to be available. As these new players are added to a roster, payment should be assessed accordingly, based on equal fees for all players.

For example, assume a Captain wishes to have 20 players on his team, but only has commitment from 14, knows of two others who moved to Wyoming, and is still waiting to hear from 4. The captain calculates the team fees for a 20-person roster (excludes himself) as $1500/19 = $78.95 per player. Even though he only has 14 players confirmed, he should charge them each $78.95 and as others are confirmed, or new Wait List/Sub List players join the team, they each reimburse him $78.95. Basically, there is no chance of the captain not being able to achieve his 20-member roster (there IS interest) so he should calculate the fees accordingly and collect payments from the outset at his calculated per player rate.

Captains should let league officials know immediately when additional registrants are necessary. Make someone happy and meet somebody new -- pull them from the Wait List/Sub List!

In cases where a returning team's captain is not continuing in AASL, the team should organize under a new captain who will manage the team for the upcoming season. Please alert AASL officials if this is the case. Note that this team still must meet the registration requirements above or may lose placement to a new team.

New Teams

AASL had 16 teams in 2016 as we have had since 2006. The number of teams for 2017 will once again be 16 teams. It is likely that all teams will return as each has indicated interest in returning. Captains of new teams should email their interest to Rich (no payment yet) to be placed on the TEAM Wait List, to be added to the league as space is available. If the team is accepted, then the team form and payment will be due as listed in Returning Teams above.

AASL continues seek additional field space to grow the league from 16 to 20 teams, but again this is not possible for 2017.

New teams that are placed will have 48 hours after notification to submit a deposit of 50% of team fees.

Players on Returning Teams

It's easy: Register yourself NOW. Your captain will see that you've signed up and asked to be on that team and will accept you onto the team. Alternatively, a captain may invite you via and you will receive an email from containing an invitation code. Use that to get to the registration form, and fill out the online registration form. In either case, pay your captain your share of the team fee as instructed by the captain, and pay attention to this site to make sure your captain gets the team fee in on time!

Even if you registered last year, you need to re-register this year.

Players Wishing to Join any Team or Get into a Game (Wait List/Sub List)

AASL recommends that individual registrants (not affiliated with an AASL team, or formerly affiliated with a team but not returning to that team) register online as soon as possible for the best chance of placement. AASL intends to place individuals based chronologically on when enrollment forms are received. Placement occurs on a first-in, first-out basis as captains request individual men or women to be placed on their team. If you wish to play on the same team as another person, please note this on your form. If you are placed on a team, your captain will let you know what your share of the team fee is.

In 2016, we used a dozen male subs and as many female subs as we could find. In 2013, we formed two new teams from 30+ waitlisted individuals. In previous seasons, we've placed only a few unaffiliated/new players before the season started, then we were able to place a few more as the season progressed and teams realized they needed additional players to field a team each game.

We also use these registrations for a "Sub List" - a list of available substitutes who can be picked up for a single game if needed. If you're registered online, keep your softball equipment and clothes in your car so you'll be ready to go to the field and play. AASL will email "Sub List" players when needs arise and we'll find available players to fill temporary roster needs.

When/If captains request players from the Sub List for games where they expect to be short, AASL will email Wait List/Sub List players. Since captains often notify AASL with little time to fill a spot, AASL will email a group of players at once. After a brief period, any/all replies are reviewed. Sub List players are chosen in order that they registered for the season. It's all based on who is available the day of the game, so quick replies are a way to get in a game faster. If the Sub List is used frequently, more and more players will get a chance to play in games. There is no fee to play on a team as a substitute from the Sub List. However, captains may decide to recruit a Sub List player as a full-time player for their roster, at which time that Sub List player will be moved to the team roster and be asked to contribute a pro-rated payment of the team fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When does registration for AASL officially start?
    There is tremendous interest from new players and new teams well before the winter snow melts. Registration begins when AASL Officials are ready to start accepting registrations. Watch this website daily for updates.
  2. Team fees seem high compared to other town softball leagues. Where does all this money go?
    During the offseason, AASL management prepares a detailed budget that accounts for all monies coming in and what is directly expensed. We have significant costs for field permits, ASA team fees, insurance, field dragging/lining, electricity for lights at Elm Street, pre-season field preparation, umpires, and equipment. We, like you, are players and would prefer to pay less, but we DO think that the value you get is worth the cost of the season.
  3. Is the AASL league budget made available publicly?
    League operating budgets are not published on the website, but any questions about the league budget or financial stewardship of dues collected may be directed to AASL league officials. The budget/expenses are shared at our annual meeting in the fall - attend this year's meeting to learn more!
  4. If I was waitlisted last year (as a player or representing a new team), am I automatically re-waitlisted again this year?
    No. All players, substitutes, and waitlisted hopefuls must register again each season. We do not carry over any registration information from year to year.
  5. Should new players contact captains directly for a better chance at being placed on a team?
    The best advice is to get on the official Wait List/Sub List as soon as possible. If you know a captain or players on existing teams, you are certainly allowed to contact them. But we encourage captains to draw from the Wait List/Sub List.
  6. Do per-player fees vary by team?
    Yes. Teams have varying roster sizes. In the past, the smallest team had 16 registered players and the largest had 25. Since each team is assigned the same number of games/field time, the team payments are equal, but clearly the share of team membership and the amount of playing time a player should expect differs. As a captain, you should start the season with the right roster size to make sure you can always field a team without having to forfeit while making sure you can play a decent amount of the game without sitting too many innings. Through experience, captains find that injury, vacation, family priorities, unplanned business trips, etc., sometimes requires adding additional players to the active roster. These new players would pay a pro-rated registration fee via the team captain who can disburse any extra fees among the team.
  7. If I quit the team, move away, get injured, or otherwise decide not to play, do I get a refund?
    Not from AASL. Our recommendation is to discuss this with your captain who handles team finances and will probably need to replace you on the roster.
  8. If my captain adds more players to the team, should I expect a pro-rated refund?
    Yes. When your captain is forming the team's roster, he/she is basing the team roster size on a number of factors. Larger rosters mean more players, which could all show up for any given game. If all players show up, each player has less time on the field and as such each player should have contributed less to play on the team. If a new player is added to the roster, hopefully the captain has discussed the need with the team beforehand. If it's to replace somebody (who might have been given a refund by the captain), the net change is zero. Since new players should be paying a pro-rated fee to play, captains are expected to reconcile the plans and payments with all players on the active roster.
  9. Are team sponsorships allowed to help reduce team fees?
    Absolutely! AASL expects a full payment from a team immediately after registration. All payments must be received well before the first team practice.
  10. As captain, can I add players to my team at any time?
    Our goals are to (a) collect registration and liability waiver forms online from all players and (b) provide reasonable flexibility to avoid games being forfeited. Therefore, we allow teams to add players on an ongoing basis throughout the regular season IF a player submits a liability waiver (registration form) electronically before participating. Note that AASL rules specify that players must participate in a certain number of regular-season games to participate in playoffs and that there are penalties to teams who allow unregistered players to play in games.